One a Day Art

I was thinking for  awhile that as well as I make a piece of Art a day… or say 5  a week, I should post them here to have a visual history.

Recently I did some watercolor and ball pen drawings. I was simply sitting outside of my bldg in Brooklyn and meditated on sun, serenity, beauty of life, things being alive, flowers, my green bird by me, people passing by, sounds of birds and cars, children and loud Brooklynites and I let go of my censorship and let the drawing happen.

And it happened.

VIA FB I got some nice “LIKES” and moved on on the next one… but the problem occurred… I was trying now, trying too hard to live up to the expectations… of whom? of myself of FBookers? Not sure. Well, I didi not let go and miracle did not happen. I am a professional artist, I d say and I sure know how to draw properly, so images look good, But I feel that they really luck the soul… not the skills but the soul, so now I am thinking of how i can let go again…. and get some of that back.

So here we go: Example one:









Example two. Can you see the anxiety and trying for perfectionism.

I can. Til10464412_10152236805641809_7888338328588147711_nl the next one.


And try to let go a little, somewhere in your universe.


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