Lesson 6. Field Trip to Letter Press. Color Theory.


FIELD TRIP TO LETTERPRESS! Wednesday, Oct 10 at 11 30 am.

We are meeting by P100 at 11 30. Do not be late!

After that we ll walk to the Letterpress Room. It is right there close to P100. There is a door/walkway opposite of the guard sitting by the Exit to Boerum Pl (where bookshop is). The door is to the left from that walkway.

My cell is 917 8802901. I will take the students who are NOT late to the Letterpress and come out a wait for the rest for a few minutes. The trip is ONLY 30 min. Try to be on time!


Write/post to the blog a two page essay with 2 images on your a field trip to letter press. Also describe how letterpress works.



Introduction to Graphic Communication. Chapter 4: Technological Transitions in Graphic Communications. Read: pp 49-pp 61. Be ready to discuss it in  a following class.


Read Color Theory info:

Make sure you read all these articles on Complimentary colors


Smashing Mag Color Theory

How do we see colors

Visible Light Waves

POST 3 images as an example of great complimentary color combination. It could be a page from a magazine, T-shirt, postcard, anything that is a great color combination example.


Bring in your logo as a work in progress.


Keep on working on your E-PORTFOLIO.

Your graphic design portfolio is a representation of yourself and of your skills as a graphic designer and it will become an essential part of landing your graphic design dream job!

Color Theory

The Reproduction Of Color: Color Wheel, Color Complements

• Colors opposite each other are complementary.
For example, cyan is the complement of red.• Each color is a combination of the colors on
either side of it.• The additive primaries green, blue, and red
separate (filter) the subtractive primaries cyan,
magenta, and yellow from white light.• By absorbing green, blue, and red from
light reflected through transparent ink on white
paper, cyan, magenta, and yellow produce color that
can be reproduced on a printing press.
   READ more on Complimentary colors:http://uwangdi.blogspot.com/2011/02/color-wheel-wonders-of-3-primary-colors.html