MUST HAVE FOR next class:

Get ready for the test. Chapter 2 in a book. Guttenburg Website.

What is GC to me
Logo and its history
Moodboard uploaded
2 paragraphs  about e-portfolio
MOMA presenation on Printing—4 paragraphs  explaining each techniques

Design Project:
DRAW/SKETCH 10 logos for yourself bring to class to discuss.  Come up with idea (concept).
Bring sketches for review. We will choose 1 and you will create a final logo out of it. Once it is finished, you will have to upload it in the place of the header of your blog.

LOGO Reading Assignments

10 common logo design mistakes


Introduction to Graphic Communication. Read Chapter 3 pp 37-61.

Read an article in WIRED  (link below). Write a 3 paragraph reply on this issue.

The Web Is Dead?



Type Guide ( Should help you with a choice of the Font for your Logo)